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Peabody Individual Achievement Testing (PIAT-R)

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About the PIAT-R

The PIAT-R is a standardized, nationally norm-referenced achievement test. It must be individually administered by a trained examiner, with assessment completed in the following content areas: Reading, Math, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, and Humanities. The test is oral in format and almost conversational in tone. I strive to keep the test experience casual and not intimidating for your child. The test takes 1-2 hours to administer, but the exam is not timed. Testing is available year-round and will assess K-12 grade levels.

How It Works

Testing is offered in person or via Zoom. Parents are welcome to sit with their children during testing but may only observe. Children typically find this test format enjoyable, but if your child has test anxiety be assured I will do my best to put him or her at ease. After testing is completed, I will discuss the results with you immediately following scoring.


$100.00 via Zoom

$100.00 In Person

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