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Happy Parents

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 “We met Kimberlee for the first time on a rainy Saturday morning for a last minute portfolio review. She was both warm and accommodating. I was impressed with how at ease my son felt in talking with her. Kimberlee has a wealth of great resources and encouragement to share. She left us feeling proud of our successful school year and excited for the next. She has our highest recommendation.”

- Rona H.


“Last year was our first year of homeschooling my two children. I wanted to have them tested to make sure that we covered everything that they needed to learn during the year. I was very nervous because this was so new to us and several friends in our homeschool circuit highly recommended Kimberlee. My youngest son has anxiety and sensory and auditory issues and we thought an oral test might be better for him. Kimberlee came to our house to administer the PIAT test. She made him feel so comfortable and was very patient with him, repeating the questions when needed. Both of my kids liked her a lot! She even followed-up afterwards and sent me links for websites that could help my youngest with some of his weaknesses.  She really talks to the kids and works with them at their level. On top of that, she is an amazing resource for homeschool parents. You can tell that she is passionate about what she does!”

 - Anna R.


“This was our first portfolio review done by a fellow homeschooler and I was nervous about how it was going to go. I had seen many wonderful reviews about Kimberlee so we decided to give her a try. She made me feel great about the path we are heading and her interactions with our children couldn’t have been better! Will definitely use her again in the future and would recommend her to anyone looking for an evaluator.”

- Erin L.


“After our evaluator retired last year we were very concerned about finding the right person to handle our sons end of year test as he struggles with dyslexia. I kept seeing Kimberlee’s name here and there and finally made contact with her to set up our sons PIAT test. Although Kimberlee was super sweet and kind in our communication and was very organized, we were still nervous switching to a new person. When Kimberlee came to our home we were instantly at ease with her and my son, who can be standoffish with new people, was instantly chatty with her. It was so easy to slip out of the room and let her do her thing! Our son was at ease and Kimberlee was very cognizant of his dyslexia throughout her testing. We are so happy to have found her and cannot say enough how much we would recommend her services to any homeschool family.”

- Michael & Corey M. | Director, Trinity Education Academy


“We just had our first portfolio evaluation with Kimberlee Biddle and I cannot say enough wonderful comments about her. She was incredibly easy to work with to schedule the review and very responsive to my emails and questions. Mrs. Biddle was prompt, professional, and friendly.  She was extremely thorough going through every subject and providing advice and suggestions along the way based on my son’s needs and skill level. She made my son feel at ease and special and her time with him was more of a conversation which allowed him to be more comfortable sharing and answering her questions. We did not feel rushed and she answered all of our questions. I was looking for an evaluator to tell me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear and she provided that service. She is a fabulous resource and I will definitely be using her each year in addition to testing as she provides personal tailored guidance and recommendations helping us to be successful in our school year.”

- Amy E.


“Kimberlee was very pleasant and fun during my son’s homeschool portfolio evaluation last year! She made it a comfortable and encouraging visit, while recommending curriculum ideas and focus for the following year. My son felt “at home” and was enthusiastic while telling her about his portfolio. Look forward to meeting with her again! Thank you Kimberlee!”

- Sara M.

“Can’t say enough positive things about Ms. Kimberlee. She wants every child to succeed and have fun learning. She is so encouraging to my daughter. And she is willing to work with teachers to target the specific areas needed for improvement.”

- Jenni B.


“Kimberlee Biddle is a cheerful evaluator. She is friendly, quite personable, encouraging, and always has a smile on her face. My children and I don’t feel intimidated by her, she’s welcoming and kind. She converses with the children allowing them to feel at ease with her. She’s been more than willing to provide helpful advice, websites, and/or instructional curriculum/web links when necessary. She will go the extra mile to answer any questions and even research additional information to assist with any homeschool challenges you may have. Kimberlee cares enough to give her very best in not just evaluating children, but also in making herself available to assist the homeschooling parent with the questions and challenges that may come along with the homeschool journey.”

- Kim S.


“Miss Kimberlee made it so easy for me to relate to her. She brought herself down to my level so that I could have a better understanding of what she was explaining to me. I was able to open up to her with no problem at all. She is very soft spoken and not strict at all. She tries her very best to make me feel comfortable and give me helpful suggestions. I can’t wait to meet with her again.”

- Adam S.


“Working with Kimberlee has been wonderful! She was there for me when I had a homeschooling crisis and helped me figure everything out. She has become a trusted evaluator and kind friend. Highly recommended!”

- Allison M.


“Kimberlee Biddle was my daughter’s tutor over the last couple of years. Kim is creative, patient, kind and communicative.  My daughter flourished under her tutelage.”

- Jyl J.


“Kimberlee was friendly and personable during my son’s portfolio evaluation. She engaged him in conversation about his various activities, both academic and extracurricular. She was able to identify areas that could use more attention and pointed us toward some resources to help. Since his evaluation, she has been a real encouragement and has shown interest beyond the evaluation. I really appreciate her getting to know my student and looking out for his best interest! Thank you, Kimberlee!”

- Ann A.


“Kimberlee is one of the best evaluators we have come to know. She is very patient and engages with the children from the very start. She is also very knowledgeable and is willing to answer questions thoroughly. Best of all she is MOBILE! With our busy family this works wonders, especially for my little boy who is very timid, he feels much more comfortable being evaluated in the comfort of his home.”

- Jesenia V., Home school mom of 3


“Kimberlee has done our homeschool evaluations for my two kids, at the time in 1st grade and 5th. She was very accommodating and even came to our home. Both my kids enjoyed her visit. My youngest who is on the shy side, was so comfortable with her, he wanted to read more then asked to. I myself liked her suggestions for my kids and the continuous connection through the year.”

- Wendy V.

“Completely impressed with our evaluation this year! Ms. Kim took her time looking through the work my daughter had completed throughout the year and really listened when she told her stories about the subjects and projects she had enjoyed. Kimberlee even went a step further and emailed me suggestions and website links for resources to help out my daughter in areas I had expressed concern over during the review. I was so impressed with the evaluation that I went back to Kimberlee to have her administer the PIAT. This was our first time doing any formal testing and it was zero stress for my usually nervous daughter. She made us all feel comfortable and at ease – we will definitely continue using Ms. Kim’s services for all of our future evaluations and testings. Thank you Ms. Kim!”

- Gineen C.

“Kimberlee does a wonderful job with portfolio reviews! Both of my kids were at ease and very comfortable during their evaluations. She looked through their work and talked to them about their year in a very encouraging way. I would recommend for anyone to schedule an evaluation with Kimberlee!”

- Rachel H.


“Kimberlee is a delightful and accommodating adviser who served us with compassion, encouragement and happiness!  This year, our annual evaluation came at a challenging family time, and she worked around our schedule to help us turn our paperwork in on time.  She even gave us the option of visiting with us in our home, which delighted our children as they could really shine in their own environment.  Kimberlee seemed genuinely interested in our children’s work, hobbies and accomplishments while engaging them in a positive and uplifting way.  We would recommend her with praises, positive reviews and smiles!”

- Traci A.

“The evaluation experience we shared with Kimberlee was remarkable. Our family was fairly new to this area last year when we were seeking to find an evaluator. Comfortable with our last, and not quite sure what to expect, Kimberlee made us feel very comfortable presenting our year of learning. In addition, she has so much knowledge of curriculum, web sites, supports, and extra curricular activities available of in this area that after she left, I felt renewed and excited about preparing for our following new year. Kimberlee gave me good advice as to where I might think about spending a little more time and where my daughter was on or above average which was insightful and appreciated. I would highly recommend Kimberlee and look forward to working together with her in the future.”

- Jo Ann N.

“Kimberlee was fantastic! This was our first portfolio evaluation and I had no idea what I was doing. Kimberlee let me know what exactly she needed to see and then moved efficiently through both of our evaluations. She was kind and engaging; the kids enjoyed talking with her about all of the things they learned.”

- Mel D.

Kimberlee was amazing and my son was instantly at ease during his portfolio evaluation. He enjoyed every minute he spent showing off his portfolio and talking about the activities and projects of the school year. It was our first evaluation, so I was a little bit nervous too, not knowing quite what to expect. As soon as we started, that all went away and I was completely at ease too. I cannot recommend Kimberlee with any more enthusiasm and confidence! She is phenomenal and such a pleasure to work with!

-Mallory S.

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